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Seven Hills Preparatory Academy

Environmental Citizenship is important to our school; our facility is now more welcoming, safer and a much better learning environment.  David was honest, straightforward and delivered more than promised.  There was no disruption to our operations and the project was tailored to our needs.

Carl Schlueter, Executive Director

Anoka Ice Arena 

Our Arena shines like new.  Everyone who walks in says ‘Wow’.  Noble was fast, friendly and did great work.  I would do this project again with them a million times over.  There was no upselling, they did what they promised and more.  The installation was flawless and they worked around our schedule. This project was perfect. 

Bob Erickson, General Manager

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Academy

Our lighting maintenance headaches are gone; which frees up hundreds of hours for our team.  The seamless financing option was exactly what we needed.  The savings are more than they predicted and there were no hidden costs.  We would definitely recommend the Bright Schools Project to anyone.

Dennis Klatt 

Heritage Christian Academy

This project was simple and something we could have never done ourselves.  There was never any upselling and the costs were accurate.  We now have amazing lighting that was designed for our needs.

Douglas Pearson, Director of Business and Finance

Orono Ice Arena

We look like a college rink now.  Everyone is universally happy. 
I highly recommend. 

Brian Hansen, General Manager

GHEC School District

My custodians are very happy!  The communication was perfect and very little time and energy was needed from us.  Simply a fantastic project.

Doug Storbeck, Superintendent 

Beautiful Savior Church and School 

The Bright Schools Project made a lighting project we never thought possible come to life.  This was easy, they were flexible with our schedule and everyone appreciates the dramatic changes to our facility and the financial benefits.  We highly recommend this to everyone.

Jim Holmlund, Director of Facilities & Finance 

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