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  • State-of-the-art indoor track

  • Light levels 1/2 of what they should be

  • Baseball players had trouble batting

  • Coaches/athletes experienced eye fatigue


  • Custom designed new lighting system

  • Installation during non-use hours

  • All available rebates bundled to reduce cost


  • 200% increase in light (lumens)

  • Student athletes compete better and safer

  • $18,400 per year total savings


“They designed a fantastic solution. Not only are we doubling the light levels in our facility, and a much more even light, we are saving $18,000 dollars a year. They have been responsive to our needs, asked the right questions and given us a solution we are very happy with. We look forward to working with them on many more projects at St. Olaf.”

Kevin J. Larson, Director of Facilities

  • Lights 6+ years old

  • Parking lot under-lit, safety concerns

  • Unattractive lighting in high profile spaces


  • Full facility audit

  • New architectural fixtures 

  • Brighter, safer parking lot


  • Doubled lighting in parking lot

  • Enhanced aesthetics in key spaces

  • Saved 195,000 kWh per year

  • $28,000 per year total savings


“We had wanted to convert our lighting for years but had no budget for it. They understood our challenges and were able to offer financing with no up-front costs. They were great to work with, installed in the evenings, and finished on schedule. We’re saving money every month and our lights work and look great. We highly recommend.”

Dan Dubois, Facilities Manager

  • Wanted to convert to LED for years

  • Could not proceed due to budget constraints

  • High ceiling theater lights expensive to maintain



  • No-money-down financing package

  • Rebates bundled to reduce cost

  • New lights throughout entire campus


  • Doubled light level in gym

  • Reduced energy use by 60%

  • $48,500 per year total savings

“The program for schools was exactly what we needed to get our old lights converted to LEDs. They even attended our school board meetings to help us get the project through. We’re now saving $48,500 a year, “found money” with no fundraiser needed! Their financing package was what made it possible. Thank you to the entire team!”

David Leahn, Superintendent

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